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We believe everyone wants to learn to become more successful in life but are unsure of exactly how to do it.  Time pressures in and out of work, cost and previous poor experiences of education often lead to us not continuing our learning throughout our career.

However, we have spent the last 20 years developing a way. We work with business owners, directors and management teams that are very busy people. We help them learn new skills and then apply them easily in their business leading to better results.

All businesses face similar challenges:

  1. How to ensure managers plan effectively and have contingency plans in place for unexpected changes or underperformance
  2. How to get managers to ‘step up’, become more accountable and find solutions to problems
  3. How to ensure managers are not afraid to performance manage people

To meet these challenges, we developed Executive Acumen - a leadership and management development programme covering:

Today our Executive Acumen Programme has been delivered successfully to over 5,000 managers in companies of all sizes throughout the UK.

The programme enables busy managers to learn up to date, relevant, content in ‘bite sized’ pieces that can easily be applied in their business.

Plus the really good news is that it's fully, or 90% funded by government to help businesses like yours grow and develop leading to more jobs and a better life for everyone in the UK.