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Personal reflections from recent sessions Current learners commenting on the programmes Learners who have recently completed

Personal reflections from recent sessions

Current learners commenting on the programmes

Learners who have recently completed

What do learners say about us?

We are always happy to receive positive comments about how people are improving their performance through our programmes.

Here are some comments from learners who have recently completed.

“Really enjoyed working through strategic planning today, really inspiring and well-focused. The content met our business needs perfectly, very rewarding”

“Great learning today around innovation; Personally I need to look at how I involve 'remote single' workers throughout the country. Brain Pooling is also good, how do I offer this method to remote workers; via e mail? via telephone? it's a challenge but one I am up for!”

“I have found it interesting discussing implementing change in the workplace today; I liked the SWOT and PESTLE analytical tools and will be using these before implementing change in the future”

“I found today very challenging, which I enjoyed as I like to stretch my mind and learn new things, it has enabled me to feel yes I CAN do this!”

“I have taken away the idea of the six hats technique and how to plan for change. I will now look at introducing structures that will encourage more innovative thinking within my business”

“Today really focused my mind on what I need to change and how to do it. The benefits to my organisation will be increased efficiency, more effective communication, increased partnership working and better (and more responsible) use of funding”

“Thought provoking session today, some useful tools to implement with a particular process change coming up in the business”

“I really enjoyed the three-stage change model today, and discovering what AI is all about. I also have some ideas now about introducing the concept of having 'champions of change' within my business”

“I really reflected today on changes I have made within my service, and how I have managed this. I will definitely be using some of the tools and techniques covered today on some imminent changes coming up”

“I have really enjoyed today's session, it has focused me on the change required in my organisation and in particular, how to handle the change implementation”

“After today I will be introducing the brain pooling activity into our monthly meetings”

“Today made me realise that I am not an innovator, but it has given me some skills to help push for more innovation & change. Pestle analysis was really interesting, and I enjoyed the discussion we had on that”

“I have learned some great methods for undoing 'bad practice' today when using the unfreeze, change, freeze model”

“I now have a greater understanding of the change process, I will be better skilled to help implement change in my organisation”

“The Pestle analysis was an interesting tool to learn about today to use in reviewing all the external factors that can influence change in my business. This is something I will be using immediately with my management team”